7 Ways to Promote Your Web Videos

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Are you tired of making killer videos only to see them get a couple hundred views and then fizzle out and die? After you upload your video to YouTube or your preferred video sharing site, you need to promote it to give it the best odds of going viral. Unless your video sucks. But, if you think your video has a chance, spend some time promoting it using the tips below. Be sure to bookmark this article and use it for all your video promotion needs.

1 – Submit your video to these social bookmarking sites: Digg – StumbleUpon – Netscape – Del.icio.us – Reddit – Furl – Yahoo MyWeb – Blinklist . There are many other social bookmarking sites, but these are the most important to submit to.

2 – Submit to these entertainment sites: Fark – I-Am-Bored – The 9 on Yahoo! – YouTubeClips

3 – Promote within YouTube: Find a popular video that is related to your video and submit as a video response. Also be sure to submit your video to all of the related YouTube Groups.

4 – Submit to forums on the Internet: Go to Big Boards and look for forums that related to the subject of your video, find a section within the forum that might find your video interesting.

5 – Submit to the major network television shows: Get your video on one of these huge shows for a chance of big time publicity: Tonight Show with Jay Leno – Late Night with Conan O’Brien – David Letterman – Last Call with Carson Daily

6 – Post to your blog, especially if you have a high traffic blog! An obvious but perhaps overlooked step is to post your video to your blog. This will boost your rankings on YouTube or wherever your video is and help build momentum for your video.

7 – Forward to family and friends. Finally, email your video to family and friends. You never know if one of them could be the type that forwards everything they get to everyone, which may go to someone who does the same making your video a popular email forward. If a million people can get a stupid Fwd’d email about 7 angels to bring you good luck, then why couldn’t a million people get Fwd’d your video? You never know…

Anyway, this is by no means a complete, exhaustive list, but it should definitely boost the popularity of your video. It will certainly increase your odds compared to simply uploading your video and doing nothing more. Also keep in mind how you title your video, what categories you use, keywords, etc. If you have a web site, you should consider watermarking it on the video in case sites like ebaumsworld decides to steal it from you.

If anyone knows of other places to promote videos or if you have other tips and techniques on this subject, please leave a comment. Thanks!