Canon PowerShot TX1 Sample Video Footage

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Sample footage of the Canon PowerShot TX1 courtesy of Oceanline. I’m seriously considering getting one of these and selling my Panasonic PV-GS320. Don’t get me wrong, the PV-GS320 is an excellent camcorder, but transferring the video to your computer is kind of a pain in the neck. I think the main reason I want one of these is I’d rather store video on and SD card instead of Mini-DV. The TX1 is smaller than a deck of cards, shoots high definition video and goes for around $499.

Here’s some sample TX1 footage showing off the slow motion features…


And more sample TX1 footage which looks like was encoded very well for YouTube:


Don’t let these YouTube clips discourage you… if you really want a good example of the quality, watch these two sample videos on DPReview (scroll near the bottom of the page).

Also see this Canon PowerShot TX1 review

2 Responses to “Canon PowerShot TX1 Sample Video Footage”

  1. Matt Says:
    If you want to know more about this camera, head over to the TX1 Blog where there are reveiws, more sample pics and vids and discussion on the camera.
  2. Hasib Says:
    HD videos on TX1 can take up a lot of space. I am using Divx format.
    Please check out the HD clips from my blog:

    The encoded clips are all under 25 mb.