Eyespot Online Video Editor Review

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If you have been uploading your videos to YouTube and other video sharing sites raw and unedited, you need a slap in the face. Take a little time to edit and spice up your videos and it can make a big difference.

The best way to edit is to use an offline editor such as Sony Vegas or Adobe Premier. If you don’t have the budget for professional video editing software you are still in luck – there are several online video editing solutions where you can edit your videos online. This will be the first installment of a series of reviews of the many online video editors out there.

The first online video editor I tried was Eyespot. Eyespot is pretty basic and easy to use. Upload your video, give it a title, drag and drop video effects and transitions and add royalty free music or your own music or audio. Once you think you are finished you can mix and preview it. You can then remix it if you think it needs more editing or you can publish the video if you are satisfied with it.

Each video you upload and edit then becomes a “mix” which you can always remix at any time. The original raw videos you upload are saved as “clips”. You can publish your videos to be viewed on the eyespot web site or you can save them if you would ilke to upload to other video sharing sites. Download formats include Mac, PC, Ipod, PSP and Divx. Eyespot definitely lacks with downloading – they email you the video file and every time I tried it it took several minutes to receive the file. I would like to see them have the option so you can download directly – or just faster downloads!

The drag and drop features of Eyespot are very nice – simply drag video clips, audio files, video effects, transitions, titles, trims and photos where you need them and preview to see how it looks.

Overall, Eyespot is a good online video editor but will seem a bit basic to seasoned professionals. If you just need a few simple edits for your video, Eyespot will work fine. But, they really need to speed up the file download feature. I started downloading a mix at the beginning of this article and still haven’t received it. ;)