How to Get Your iSight Webcam to Work With

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This may be a no-brainer for some of you out there, but I struggled with getting my built in iSight cam to work on on my recently purchased iMac. Overall, the main thing that I think Ustream needs to fix is to make the “Advanced Settings” button on the broadcast control panel a little more obvious. If you look, you can see that it is a very tiny link in the lower right corner:

The instructions on the help page gives you these instructions:

“To change to your iSight, go to My Shows. Create a new broadcast. Click Go Live and your broadcast window will pop up. Then, Click “Advanced Settings” in the broadcast window and pick USB Video Class Video from the drop down box that says Video Settings. You can also adjust it through Flash. On the local stream monitor box hold down CTRL and click. Select Settings and click the webcam icon. Under the Camera section select USB Video Class Video. Click Close. You should now see your stream on the local server monitor. “

I never saw the tiny “Advanced Settings” link in the lower right corner, but did see this button after you hold CTRL and click on the local stream monitor:

So, I spent a good deal of time clicking that button, selecting “USB Class Video” and noticing that nothing happened. So, if you’re having problems with this, click the “Advanced Settings” in the lower right corner and you will see something like this, where you can choose your iSight cam:

Got it? Now you should be able to see yourself on your local stream monitor and will now be ready to broadcast on Maybe they will make this a little more prominent during their next update?