Stage6: YouTube Killer?

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I was searching around last night on how to make better quality videos on YouTube and stumbled upon this insanely awesome video site called Stage6 which is basically DivX’s version of YouTube. A word of warning… once you start watching videos on Stage6 it will make your videos on YouTube look like complete garbage! The quality is amazing! I suppose you could call it DVD quality?

The down side is that you do have to install their DivX web video viewer, but I think it is well worth it. I downloaded Dr. DivX and encoded a some videos and the quality is excellent. I uploaded some samples to both Stage6 and YouTube and found the quality on YouTube to be excellent.  So maybe uploading videos in DivX format is the key on YouTube?

Here’s a high quality video on Stage6 and that same video on YouTube.

More examples:

Geese in the Morning taken with Panasonic PV-GS300:

DivX encoding on YouTube
DivX encoding on Stage6

Red Flowers taken with a Sony HDR-HC5:

DivX encoding on YouTube
DivX encoding on Stage6

I think in order for Stage6 to take on YouTube they will definitely need to make it as easy as possible for people to watch the videos (i.e. super easy installation) and they need to make video embedding easier. Here is a solution I found for embedding videos, but it is kind of clunky.

Overall, I love Stage6, but wish it had the popularity of YouTube.  Maybe one day we will think back to the days of low quality video on YouTube in the way some people look back and laugh about the days of dial-up internet. If you’re on dial-up right now… me so sorry!